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AngieH Driving Academy provides an integrated course schedule of learning through exploration, scrutiny, and self-reflection. Our classes combine hands-on experience with knowledge-based teaching - take a look at our offerings and contact AngieH Driving Academy to learn more.

Driving School

Beginners Driving Lessons

Independence of learning to drive

Through this course, students will learn to drive with no experience.  You'll receive help with your thoery study.  Learn to drive at your pace.Lessons are  1.5 hour lesson at £45.00


Intermediate Driving Course

Lets get you learning again

If you've had some lessons and you want to pick up your driving again this is for you. An assesment drive will be done to see where you are in your learning so we can set a plan to progress you through your journey.1.5 hour lesson £45.00

Driving Lesson

Refresher Lessons

Full Licence holders who need to build confidence.

These lessons are designed for qualified drivers that may need some refresher lessons on their skills be it parking or building up confidence after a break in driving.1.5 hour lessons £45.00


Motorway Lesson

Growing your skills

Through this course, learners have a chance to experience driving the motorway.  We can take learners on the motorway now but alot of people never had a proper lesson as this only changed in 2018. We use the M32 and M4 to do this lesson. Experienced drivers welcome.  Stop avoiding the motorway. 2 hours £60.00


Train to become a Driving instructor/ Rescue Training/ Standards Check training

Dive Right In

Want to train to become a driving instructor ?This course is for you.  Using the Driving Instructor TV program we will train you through Parts 1,2 and 3 to gain your ADI badge.Things not going to plan in obtaining your badge rescue training is available.Standards check coming up and just need some guidance we can help.Please contact me for further details.  £35.00ph

About Our Driving School

Education. Exploration. Satisfaction.

AngieH Driving Academy.  Angela is your driving instructor.  The image is made of quotes from learners that have used the driving school.We can provide all types of lessons for all ages.A calm approach to lessons is adopted so you can be supported to learn.  We can give you FREE access to the following:Confident Drivers - help with driving test nerves, Learn to drive videos so you can prepare for your next lesson. Pupil App with Mydrivetime.  Where you can access your lessons, payments and progress.


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AngieH Driving Academy Specialist Help

Nerves get the better of you?  Nerves hold you back achieving your dreams?   Learn to drive using these great methods to help you control them and help you move forward here at AngieH Driving Academy 

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39 Langton Court Road, St Annes, Bristol BS4 4EG


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